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When No becomes I Know

A colleague of mine always wanted to join the UK Royal Marines , arguably one of the most elite infantries in the world. Not only did he join but won the best recruit as an officer within the Corp. He later went on to be a successful businessman.

I knew him after leaving where he would chat about social things he learned in the unit. I once asked him if he thought he could pass the course at a more advantaged age. He immediately retorted that he could pass it today.

Before Mount Everest was climbed it seemed impossible just as running the 4 minute mile. Once these had been achieved these activities almost became commonplace with many individuals reaching these pinnacles every year.

Many multimillionaires have lost all their wealth and got it back again within a few years. All the above examples have something in common. Once humanity and individual men and women have achieved something they KNOW they can do it. Beforehand there was doubt Past success predestines folk to be successful in the future.

Occasionally humanity throws up a rare type. These are people who know they will succeed before they have any evidence that they will. They don’t THINK, WANT , WORK , OR PLAN to succeed. They just KNOW they will.

Occasionally we all experience this certainty which provides us with a hunch despite any previous evidence. The hunch can be the culmination of research, testing , snd feeling a certain way emotionally. When it comes, follow it with all your might. You are experiencing the certainty that I have explained above. When you pursue that certainty for all its worth you are destined for success.

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