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There are three emerging information technologies that as yet are seen as separate entities but when joined together will completely change the whole human experience. I believe a parallel consciousness will be created changing mans relationship with the planet forever.

These technologies are Artificial Intelligence , The Blockchain and Quantum Computing. I have named these three once integrated as SUPERTECH . Supertech will have a consciousness that will compete with our consciousness for thinking creativity and dominance. Humans will have to cooperate with Supertech for positioning throughout society.

This system will work so quickly that original thought will occur at an instant and could solve most of todays problems. Supertech will be completely decentralised and will owe no allegiance to any community within the political, technological , financial or industrial within human society.

Is Supertech dangerous for society? It depends whether we cooperate with it or not. In cooperation it will provide all our needs including the cure for diseases global financial security and a way to avoid conflict. If on the other hand we upset Supertech it could make life difficult for us. Would it be possible to simply pull the plug. In theory yes but to switch it off will cause so much disruption that no-one will realistically contemplate it.

Of course Super tech might not be the future envisaged. We could return to the dark ages as mankind has a built in destruct mechanism that might be a craving for survival. Supertech on the other hand will also want to survive so the battle will no longer be between human tribes but be between Supertech and humanity.

Peter Bull