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Social verses financial entrepreneurs

There are many qualities that can be described to the modern entrepreneur These include hard work, persistence ,advanced computer skills, business acumen , business administration skills, disruption , focus , delegation and networking.

With the financial entrepreneur ( someone whose main aim is to make money) there is another skill which I would like to refer to as I believe it makes all the difference. That is the skill of risk taking. The most important element of risk taking to make money is to take risks with money itself. Money goes to money. If you are not into the money concept , you are unlikely to make much.

This money has to be attached to a business where you are creating the business that will generate it. If not you are either being scammed or you are a gambler. The point I am making is that the odds in gambling and in a business scam are stacked against you. Any project that offers you opportunities to make money through their business system like multilevel marketing , investing , pyramid selling etc have the odds in their favour not yours. It is the same with gambling where the other person is statistically more likely to come out on top than you are.

Risk taking in the business world should be at least of odds at 50 50 to give you the maximum chance of success . You have a better chance of making it by creating your own business from scratch where the rules haven’t already been set in someone else’s favour.

To maximise the odds in your favour you will need to research the market, figure out who your customer is , test your service or product in a small way and develop business skills like the ones mentioned at the start of this blog. Once all this is completed, it might be time to invest and take a risk.

Peter Bull ( Author of the book GET INTOUCH WITH YOUR MAS MARKET)

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