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What is sexual chemistry

I would like to begin by differentiating between sexual chemistry and sexual biology. Sexual biology is an attraction for a sexual partner who has a different immune system. This can be read through smells such as pheromones to create a desire to reproduce, providing healthy genetically diversified offspring. These children will have the best chance to survive into adulthood. A good looking partner has the appearance of health and vitality and will suggest good genes for conception. This is more common in heterosexual relationships as offspring is a possible result of copulation.

Sexual Chemistry on the other hand is equally distributed between same and opposite sex relationships. In a way the word is misleading and the word chemistry is a metaphor for partnerships attraction rather than producing children. The chemistry varies from person to person, is emotional and is largely subconscious. People make numerous lists about the sort of partner they would like and then fall for someone totally different from their list. So what is going on?

In the the world of marketing and business we are told that people spend on their emotional wants rather than their needs. In the world of romance the opposite is true. We fall for someone who has something that is missing in ourselves. We actually fall for a need rather than a want. As this is largely subconscious we find it very difficult to rationalise our decision whereas friends and family don’t understand it at all. Sexual chemistry is about partnership, lifelong togetherness and a way to fulfil our personality. The same sexual desire can have very different routes.

Peter Bull ( Author of the GET IN TOUCH SERIES )

Published inIdeas Worth Consideration.