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sell our own products verses someone else’s

In recent times the easiest way to develop an online business is to sell someone else’s products. You could become an affiliate marketer and through Chat GPT it is likely to become easier to identify your ideal customer.

Your key skill is to automate as much of the process as possible. The hardest thing to sell is something physical that you have manufactured yourself. However if you promote digital homemade products you are at a big advantage. You have complete control over the amount you can charge and your only job is to create an audience for these items.

If you are new to the marketplace and unknown you can assume that it will take some years to engrain your offerings into the customers consciousness. If on the other hand you are selling as an affiliate your customers will already be familiar with your products as most of the marketing has already been paid for. When acting as a middleman you will show a profit much quicker sometimes within months.

However to enter a stratospheric income of tens, hundreds of millions and beyond you should focus on your own creations. You are no longer selling a product but your unique self. This is where there is little competition for your customer wants you and you alone.

Peter Bull ( Author of the book Get In Touch With Your MAS Market )

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