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How to reprogram your brain to desire healthy slimming foods.

My role as a blogger and trained therapist is to promote the psychological rather than the dietary side of weight loss and healthy eating. I therefore can only speak from my personal experience of research, dealing with clients and my own journey to becoming slim after several years of failure.

There is a technique I have found invaluable which has served me extremely well during my own experience to reaching my ideal weight. That is the fast to superfoods process. This works on a simple principle where I would prepare some excellent low carbs and high in vegetables and protein prior the fast. These would be single ingredient foods. I would then eat very little for 24 hours. I would just drink plenty of water. At the end of the 24 hours I would be quite hungry.

On resuming my daily diet I would immediately eat the healthy vegetables and protein with less fruit. As I was hungry when I ate these foods they would taste very nice and over time I started to crave these foods. If at any time I reverted to a binge I would fast the next day and repeat the process.

This has actually changed my relationship with food. I still feel full and satisfied but now I have the bonus of losing weight reducing my blood pressure and gaining much more energy. Provided you have no issues with fasting for a day or food intolerance I recommend you might try it. It really does work.

Peter Bull ( Author of the book Get In Touch With Your Slimmer Self )

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