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Which platform does your niche ideal customer frequent.

Different personalities focus on different platforms. Visual people like instagram whereas those with an auditory preferability might prefer youtube or podcasts. Kinaesthetic types like “how to” videos and academics like blogs. How often have you tried to phone someone with no response but you immediately get a reaction when you text? They would regard speaking on the phone as a waste of time. Others like to deal with a live person as they trust them if they can hear a voice

The point I am making is that not all outlets fits all potential customers. When you are planning your campaign to contact your ideal customer examine your niche and decide if that niche would be attracted to the platform you are presenting on. If you are selling holidays video and pictures are very important but when promoting a course of study text would be preferable. I am not suggesting that you should use no video but put words on the video more than pictures.

Practical people want hands on experience so demonstrating a piece of equipment will work best. They like to see you in the kitchen, on site or in a workshop. If you are selling a service I think a video with yourself represented as the service provider is the most powerful technique. You want to mix demonstrating the benefits of your service with talking about them in an engaging way. With a service they buy the provider before they purchase what they are offering. With products you needn’t appear just show the product but again focus on the benefits. The four major benefits in all products are price , quality , reliability and convenience.

Peter Bull ( Author of the book GET INTOUCH WITH YOUR MAS MARKET)