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The Maze

The other night I had a dream. I dreamt I saw a pot of gold and in front of the pot of gold was a maze. This maze had an exit close to the pot of gold but I was standing at the entrance. By looking up I could just make out that is was sunny on the far side of the maze but couldn’t see over the actual bushes of the maze.

As I stood at the entrance it was raining and I was getting soaked. I approached the opening with a great deal of trepidation and fear. Should I enter or should I just go home. I decided this was it. I must go forward and navigate the maze.

The rain was getting worse and walked down the passages of the maze continually coming to dead ends. At one point I sat down and started to sulk. I couldn’t find my way through and I couldn’t find my way back. I was completely lost but I had to continue. I had no option. The Gold was an incentive but so was the thought of getting out of the rain and into the sunlight.

Suddenly I stumbled upon the exit and just beyond it was the pot of gold. The rain had stopped and the sun came out. Under the pot of gold was a sign that said ” help yourself” Beyond the pot of gold was another sign that said “short cut to getting home”. I grabbed a load of gold walked through one door and within seconds I was the other side of the maze

The thing that puzzled me , was why didn’t I see the short cut before I entered the maze. Then I woke up and I lay in bed it occurred to me, is making success of a business like what I had experienced in the dream.


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