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Sometimes art that does not resemble anything tangible can be very valuable There are 6 reasons why this might be true.

1 Art that is totally abstract cannot be compared with any other art or artist so its value is unique rather than relative

2 Abstract art is often unpleasant to look at and therefore is acquired as an investment to be sold on. It is not designed to be stuck on someones wall for very long.

3 Abstract art has an infinite ability to express what the artist wants to communicate and denies the viewers opinion in relation to its intringic worth. The viewer or buyer will interpret the art based on the artists description and not on their critical eye.

4 Abstract art is easier to generate publicity due to its potential shock value and can scale in size to be obvious to all and sundry who pass by. This is especially true when the art is outside and out of the gallery context.

5 Abstract art can easily be linked to causes, politics or emorphous emotional response without requiring objective analysis from the viewer.

6 In the 21 century with IT and information in the ascendence the cult of the individual prospers. The artist with sufficient access to this technology becomes the focus rather than his work. It is now all about the messenger not the message.


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