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8 Priorities on choosing the right degree

There are many reasons people chose to go to university these days but the most important is to decide what to study. The following are the 8 priorities to consider before you chose the subject. These are in order of the most important first,


The single biggest factor, is to chose a subject you enjoy. If you don’t like what you are studying you will get board and consequently get poor marks and are unlikely to get much out of the course..


Chose a subject you can master but has challenges . If it is too easy you will feel it is a waste whereas if it is so difficult you will be constantly stressed and are unlikely to complete the course. Your pre university studies and results could give an indication as to what is manageable .


You must be comfortable as to where you study. Living in a grotty room in the inner city might not be conducive for many whereas others might feel isolated at a rural institution.


There are two types of subject that lead to employment They are professional degrees and generic degrees. A professional degree includes business, law, architecture, medicine crafts engineering extra These degrees are good if you are sure which type of career to pursue following graduation.

If on the other hand if you haven’t a clue, consider English, Maths and Philosophy . English ( or the native tongue of the country where you are studying ) is good as it teaches you how to communicate . Maths is probably the most useful generic degree as it can be adapted to so many professions. These include finance , the natural sciences, biological sciences , teaching, computer technology data analysis accountancy and engineering. Philosophy is useful as it teaches you how to think analytically.


How is your progress assessed . Is it by exams, continuous assessment or practical projects. Is there a thesis to be done and are you expected to do research or memorise facts. Different subjects weight their courses based of different assessment criteria . Which suits your learning style best.


Many degree courses have similar costs in the UK these days but some are much more expensive. Even with student loans it is not worth pursuing a subject that will cripple you financially for years to come. Sometimes it would be better to enter a career at a lower level and complete your education as an employee.


Many institutions might offer the same courses but some will specialise in a particular aspect. This could be the result of a particular professor who is held in high esteem attracting a global interest. If you want to learn from the best you might select an institution that has the best resources and knowhow.


This should come at the bottom of the list but for many students it comes first. They will be attracted by the social life , music , sports reputation , and all things of fun The subject is almost incidental as the college experience can be an end in itself. This especially becomes useful in careers where contacts and networking are crucial.

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