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Apart from the three Rs, an old term for reading writing and arithmetic there are three essential subjects that should be taught in all schools They are how to form good long term relationships, how to keep healthy and how to acquire and manage money.

Sadly in many institutions these last three are neglected in favour of more traditional subjects which are interesting but not essential for thriving in the modern world. The topic I would like to discuss today is all around money.

I think, the subject of money should be taught every day for at least one hour directly after assembly in the early morning. The subjects should include how to budget, how to get a mortgage , write a business plan about the global stock markets how to buy shares ,accounts , loans and debt. Topics should include financial literacy what terms actually mean , financial numeracy compound interest and global trends. There should also be provision to learn to interpret financial journalism. All students should be educated into entrepreneurial skills and be encouraged to start a small micro business whilst at school

Money should be taught as a noble activity and not looked down upon and part of the time should focus on marketing especially online marketing using all the platforms to generate wealth rather than just as a passive chat group or a means of purchasing products

I believe this single shift in focus will lift millions of of young people out of a lifetime of poverty and in one stroke remove many social problems occurring in our community.

If you are already teaching this in your school a applaud you as you are making a great difference for the next generation.

Let me know if you would like me to come and give a free presentation based on running a successful building business for 18 years.


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