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All alone, perched in a flat,

My friends all say,” You are too fat.

Come on” I hear, ” It’s not too late!

Treat yourself, and lose some weight”

I’ll show them, those who take the rise,

And scorn my gross, indulgent size-

Next year year I’ll be smart and trim,

Attractive sexy and very slim.

Fibre, calories, diets galore,

Making fortunes from the weighty poor.

Classes? Hypnosis? How do I chose

The most effective way to lose?

The slim and lucky ones advise:

“All you need is exercise.”

Exposed by those to harassment,

Uncaring of my embarrassment.

Then at last it starts to click-

The weight reducing scheme is quick!

And now those jealous friends will dig,

“You were more cuddly when you were big!”

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