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The hierarchy of Interrogatives

The question words have a hierarchy within universal law. The universe consists of the five items Space Time Matter Energy and Consciousness Taking the human experience into account where we see the Universe from our perspective it would work as follows

The questions Where and When are routed in space and time and are closely connected to the physical universe where we can make decisions. However these will occur even if we didn’t exist as other things exist in time and space

The What and How questions our enter our intellect We are able to ask questions and the intellect has helped us develop industrially technology and financially. These questions are concerned with matter and energy and how we can benefit from them

The Which question is connected to the higher intellect. This question is all about deciding between two or more options and enters into the lower levels of consciousness . Who question is also approaching the conscious element of universal existence. Only conscious beings can ask who because who is a direct result of life as we humans understand it.

The Why question is the highest of all questions and is rooted in consciousness. This is concerned with items like spirituality . It also relates to belief in a higher power and a creator .


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