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The global future direction of medicine

There are two factors ( advancement and price )defining the future of medicine around the world as we plough on through the 21st century. The first is that as medicine is becoming better and better. Health and longevity are increasing. Contrary to this age and lifestyle is acting to reduce health causing the price of Medicine and care to grow exponentially .

The solution has to be disease prevention rather than disease treatment. The protocol of diagnostics is broken down into history , signs and symptoms Recent medical intervention has been funded by emphasis on signs and symptoms , that is treating a condition once presented. The future is all about history and genetics

Many communities around the world have recognised how national screening can avoid the long term effects of sickness and the expense of treating these conditions when they occur. The problem with all medical research is that it gives general advice not appropriate to every individual.

The solution will come from the universal rollout of every individuals DNA . This DNA will be taken at birth and a complete picture of someones future potential medical history will be downloaded for their reference. This way they can take appropriate action at the right time.

There are ethical issues in terms of freedom that might arise and all DNA information would need to remain confidential from any institution that might penalise individuals as not fit for loans etc. This will need to be enshrined by acts of parliament. If there freedom is not guaranteed then people would not be willing to take responsibility of their health.

Sadly if this occurs it might be open to abuse so a voluntary opt out will also require legislation. If it were to work many potential life threatening diseases and all lifestyle diseases could be avoided The question is , are we prepared to pay the price of potential loss of freedom and control to ensure a longer and healthier life?


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