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Millionaires are made in the 300mm between our ears

There is a mindset shift that will do more to drive you to great wealth than any other thing. It is rarely talked about though I have commented on it many times in my writings. I believe that this change is so important that it will drastically increase your wealth and without it you will likely fail.

So what is the mindset shift that occurs in your brain that makes all the difference? The answer is this. Focus all your energies on money not what you can buy with it. So much esoteric advice recommends that you should visualise the house, the car the holiday. When you do this you are mentally spending the money before you have it. Money should be acquired for its own sake and wealth enjoyed as an experience on its own.

This leads on to the topic of instant gratification the enemy of all success. Delaying gratification helps us lose weight , allows interest to compound and even helps us find the perfect mate and sexual partner. You only enjoy the effects of healthy eating when you have done it for a bit or the endorphin rush of aerobic exercise when you have exercised for some time.

It is the same with money. If you want to get money to work for you rather than you for it spend the next few years building capital ,passive income, investments and assets. The reward is the peace of mind and the sense of satisfaction derived from wealth acquisition.

Once you have really shifted to this point, you are well on the way to being rich already. Remember if you are reading this in a developed country you are likely to be in the richest 5% of all those who have ever lived so emotional gratitude should not be delayed whereas the benefits of money should.

Peter Bull. ( Author of the book Get In Touch With Your Inner Wealth )

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