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How to write an autobiographical best seller

We have all achieved a great deal in life even if we think we haven’t. Every individual on Earth has something to teach humanity and there is a book in everyone. Mankind craves recognition and to be of service in equal measure and writing an auto biography is one way of actualising your life.

Good writers will complete all the work on their own whereas others will require a ghost writer to shape their ideas into a readable form. Unfortunately many people think that their life is not interesting enough to be expressed in print but this is not true. Celebrities who capture public interest are often the most boring, dreary people around. I have for many years of trained hundreds of adults of all backgrounds in practical skills within the building trade and have been amassed at how interesting all of them are.

There are however a few rules you need to follow if you wish to write your story to attract readers and this is what you need to know to begin

1 Make a list of all your achievements experiences and human interactions that you can. Only put in things that you are happy for everyone to know about

2 Avoid bad mouthing any individuals or anything that might lead to legal ramifications . Be aware of the copy-write legislation

3 Make you life to date seem like a journey and show how you overcame difficulties to arrive where you are.

4 Make the book multidimensional. Include career , job social, hobbies , spiritual , sharable relationships etc. If you are going to include the names of your connections ask their permission before including them in the book

5 Include plenty of antidotes and examples to back up your points of interest.

6 Find a way of standing out from the norm in this book. This is not as difficult as it sounds. If nothing is obvious find a way you can match together two very different aspects of your life. For example I am the only person I have heard of that has made a violin , ground a mirror for a telescope and has won speaking competitions. Even when you match ordinary things together in your life that are different from one another you can become interesting.

7 Get a professional editor to proofread your book before you publish it.

8 If you can’t find someone to publish it , publish it yourself If you need any advice contact me on

9 Promote your book through formal advertising , social media and personal contacts as much as possible.

10 Use further methods of promotion like running courses ( based on elements of the book) public speaking and hand out free copies The best place to promote your book is Amazon but there are others so research where it would fit best. Get a third party to write an introduction preferably someone with some credentials.

Peter Bull ( Author of the Get In Touch Series )

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