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Diving boards, platforms and influence

I found the perfect analogy as to how you can have more influence in the business and social environment alike. If you think about it, a diving board is a platform which will be located at different heights above the waterline of the swimming pool.

What does a platform represent. A platform is a base to spring from. A platform can cause a new way of doing business or a viewpoint. It has one requirement and that whatever you promote must be shared with others . Obesity in the western world is a platform. Tertiary education of Women in the developing world is a platform. Providing a product or service at an affordable price is a platform. All the above are projects that many want to see to fruition.

When embarking on any project check to discover your platform, otherwise it is just a vanity project. Diving boards are often positioned at different heights as are platforms in scale and importance. The greater the height of the board the more you can do in the air before you hit the water. Also the greater the height the faster you are travelling when you hit the water.

This is the same with platforms. The larger and more important the platform the more people it will affect so the greater you’re influence and following. Also the higher / bigger the platform the quicker you will see your efforts achieved.

Start to think your business , charity , lobby group or influencer topic as a platform. Once established how can you climb to a higher platform to obtain a greater following and accelerate your results in time.

Peter Bull ( Author of the book Get In Touch With Your Mass Market)

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