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The fear that holds you back

Off all the fears in life the most debilitating is the fear of uncertainty . It is sen more potent than the fear of failure. Millions of people die each year because they are frightened to get medical conditions checked in time. Millions more get into financial trouble because they can’t face a full audit of their bank account. As a dyslexic I was held back for years because I was frightened of paperwork and administration not asking for help as we all want to feel in control to avoid ridicule and embarrassment .

Once we have decided to take action our chances of success increase exponentially usually evaporating our fears. In essence the primary function of all living things is to survive and procreate.

This brings me to another fear that uncertainty magnifies. Tradition dictates within the heterosexual community that men usually approach women to secure their first date. However as so many men are afraid of rejection they never approach the female they fancy. This is due to the uncertainty of the outcome making them scared of possible rejection. These same men however will be comfortable talking to an attractive female who is not available.

In life we need to embrace uncertainty and face up to reality. They say that nothing is never as good or as bad as we think it is going to be. However once we conquer these fears many more things will turn out good than bad.

Peter Bull ( Author of the books in the Get In Touch Series )

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