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Manifesting goals through visualisation

There are basically three learning styles that people use to understand their environment. They are the Visual, the Auditory and the Kinaesthetic. We also use these modalities to communicate with the subconscious mind.

The visual works on our imagination the ability to form images and create a future based on specific images. The auditory modality is concerned to sound which will also programme the mind. The method of doing this was covered in the last blog on affirmations. Finally the Kinaesthetic is related to movement and taking action the practical side of positive thinking.This article deals with the visual modality and the next post will cover the Kinaesthetic.

Pictures are very powerful in creating positive mindsets and successful outcomes that have been used throughout history to rehearse up and coming events. If you want a Rolls Royce a big house or a fancy holiday you will need to visualise it as already being in your possession.

The easiest way of achieving this, is to create a vision board of all you desires cars houses etc. turned into pictures. These are usually in photographic form and are attached to a board for consistent reference. Write a cheque to yourself for the amount of money you would like and put a date on the cheque. Sign it from the source of the wealth for example, from grateful customers. Add it to your vision board.

The next stage is to photograph all the pictures on the board to your mobile phone and look at them regularly. When you look at the photos over and over you will start to imprint the image on the photo in your mind. A very powerful tool in creating the desired result is to include the visualisation with the affirmation you created ( see last blog)

The subconscious mind loves images as it can bypass the hassle of interpreting words and will quickly take the image up as reality. Moving images are also very useful where the use of video can increase the intensity of the technique. Sports stars use the visualisation of moving image to reverse everything from running to improving their golf swing.

We now know that the physical world of space, time, matter and energy can in some way be affected by our consciousness. In quantum theory subatomic particles vibrate and are affected by our observation of them.

Conscious thought vibrates at a particular frequency which changes material elements impressed by that thought. Ideas conceived in the brain already exist as the brain is part of you. You exist in the Universe so the idea exists in the Universe within your brain. Manifestation is to turn that idea into reality through methods described in these blogs.

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