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Do affirmations work?

Yes. I believe they do I have been using them and teaching them ever since I qualified as a hypnotherapist. However affirmations are most effective if you follow the rules indicated in this article.

There are only two ways to speak to the subconscious to cause change in mindsets for the longterm. The first is hypnosis including self hypnosis and the second is affirmations. Hypnosis works using trance and affirmations work on suggestion. It is the second method covered here.

What is an affirmation ?

An affirmation is spoken and or written statement of intent repeated regularly each day to convince the subconscious mind that the desired statement is a fact in physical reality.

Once the subconscious mind has been convinced of the affirmed fact it will go to work to make the conscious analytical mind act out the desire until completion in the physical world

If you want your affirmation to become your reality follow the techniques below.

Firstly make your affirmation positive. That is what you want not what you want to avoid. You will need to make it in the present tense and time dated. State it as if it is happening now despite not seeing the result till a future date. Make it as short as possible and be specific. Never include the what or how but you can include the why of the desired goal.

Finally you must repeat it as often as possible, each day and write it down several times during the day. Do not let your moods or feelings dictate when you recite the affirmation. You must continue in all moods when relaxed when stressed and everything in between.

A good affirmation to practice is to increase your personal wealth. If you are setting a wealth goal don’t make it too high at the start until you have proof of it working or your subconscious will spit it out with the mindset of doubt. I suggest doubling your income in one year is a good start. Try this as an example

During the next year 2020 I am doubling my income from £30,000 to £60, 000 through the provision of a positive mindset and inspired action to improve the lives of others.

All you are doing is to focus the mind on an outcome where opportunities will present themselves to enable this outcome become real. The route to any individuals wealth has been directly in front of their face all the time. They just couldn’t see it. This method will bring solutions into focus and give you the resources to manifest them.

In my next article I will tackle how to visualise your way to success which is yet another method of obtaining your desire.

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