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Entrepreneurs in the Covid age

Covid has ruined many things ,jobs and careers. There is however an amazing opportunity around the corner. Because so much has shut down this year, masses of opportunities will open up for a self employed entrepreneur in the next eighteen months.

Obviously people need work now to pay the bills but looking for work does not need to stifle your dreams. I believe this opportunity will occur in a years time . Now is the perfect time to analyse your future. Virtually every type of product and service will be in demand in 2021- 22 whatever skills you have will be needed in the next two years.

If you are home at the moment unable to make a living on line or as a remote employee , it is time to make a skills audit. Firstly write down everything you can do no matter how trivial and in the next column write down everything you enjoy doing. Then match them up and come up with three skills you have that also gives you pleasure.

For example. You might enjoy helping people and love swimming. Your desire to help people is actually a skill though many would not consider it as such. Covid could cause you to change direction and train as a swimming teacher. In 2021 there could well be a shortage of swimming teachers as many will have left the industry because there isn’t work right now.

Once you have identified the three write them down on a separate piece of paper and read them to yourself several times day. Do not try to make these skills fit a job. The job will present itself when the pandemic is under control.

The point I am making is that change is not necessarily bad if we embrace it. Things are tough for many now but that won’t always be the case. Life’s issues are cyclic and the cycles of change are very rapid these days.

I agree that we need to follow the advice of keeping safe but constantly bathing in negative media is unhealthy and mentally damaging. My last thought on this subject is to avoid all the negative media telling us about how terrible things are. Chose media that is positive. Select You tube channels that are positive and are in alignment with your skills audit and your dreams.

Peter Bull.

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