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Making Money Pt. 2

How matter and energy are related to wealth 

The elements of Universal wealth creation Matter and Energy 

In part 1 we have learned how space and time have an equivalence with money and the Universe. In a later blog I will be delving into the time factor further, to demonstrate that you have much more time at your disposal than you think. In this article however we will be looking at the other two major components mentioned previously, that of matter and energy.

Matter is, in essence, stuff from which the physical Universe is made and therefore has an equivalent monetary value. The rarer the matter, the more valuable it becomes. Land, diamonds, gold and silver are all limited on earth, so carry a great value. These items have the tendency to increase as their limited quantity is shared by an ever increasing population. 

Other types of matter carry scarcity value due to their single use. Oil can only be used once and is destroyed as is coal with their dwindling supplies and increasing demand. Both types of matter are regarded as assets but oil and coal become a liability once they have been used as no more money can be generated from them. Their value literally goes up in smoke.

Man made stuff is usually a liability as it loses value as it ages so the value of manufactured  goods depreciate with time. Matter in all its forms can be seen as a form of currency as we exchange it for money

Energy is also a devolved form of money. Einstein concluded in Special Relativity that Energy and Matter are different forms of the same thing ( E=MC2) so if matter has monetary value so has energy.

Energy exists in two forms, Potential and Kinetic. Potential energy is money exchange derived from collective thinking. For example currency. We all think of a dollar as having a particular value. It is that agreement collectively that gives it that value. Other forms of money potential, are debt, tax, crypto currency and investments. None of these have physical form so they remain in the collective minds of individuals and communities alike.

The other form of energy is kinetic and is associated with motion. This monetary form of energy is to do with exchanging services through real or leveraged time for money, as in running a business.

When you start to think about wealth accumulation contemplate the four components of the Universe, Space ,Time, Matter and Energy and how you can impress your consciousness upon these elements to divert the flow of money in your direction. You are likely to acquire the answer in a most esoteric way. You will be very surprised at how easy it can be to find a way to become wealthy through this method as the solution is often very different from how you imagined it to be.

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