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A career in sales


Are salesman born or made? Like all things some people are better than others but I contend that anyone can sell providing they follow a few simple criteria .  

1 Love the deal more than the product or service

There is a popular misconception that you need to love your product or service in order to sell it.  Your first love is to make the sale. Get your joy from the excitement of the deal. Of course to achieve this you must know as much about your product or service as possible.

2 Do people want what I am trying to sell?

The real question you need to ask, is would I buy this product and do people want it. It is easy to sell if you can establish something that people are hungry to buy. There is nearly an infinite range of things people will pay for and a similar number that they won’t.

The skill is to develop an eye for what sells. Some products might be looked at on the Net in their millions but aren’t selling. Using analytical sites to establish what is popular is only part of the battle. You will need to find an edge that others aren’t providing. To improve on the current offers, might require a discount or to feature an extra benefit that others haven’t considered.

3 Consider your profit margin

The successful saleswoman considers her margins. How much commission can you make on a sale. Services and products with small margins will be best sold on the Web with an automated response for orders. Where the commission is high, like buying a house the personnel touch is required. This means you must adapt the way you sell to the commission margin involved.

5 Don’t give up

  When a product or service is not selling it doesn’t mean that you are a bad salesman it just means you need to find a different thing to sell. Remember it is the sale that you love not the product. Keep researching for saleable products until you find a winner.

6 Ask the customer to buy

Every morning when you get up, go to the mirror and say one hundred times statements that assume the customer has agreed to buy. Never say Would you like to buy? Your mindset must assume purchase has been agreed

Here are some examples

a How do you want to pay

b Can we sort out the shipping arrangements 

c What is your delivery address

d Do you require finance 

e( Payment terms on invoice) Please settle within seven days

The process of the sale must be as matter of fact as possible when dealing with the customer. Save your emotions for when the deal is done  

4 Benefits not features 

Customers are looking for the benefits of the service or product. Does it more than fulfil their expectations. They will be looking for discounts real or imagined, for testimonials from other satisfied clients, after sales services or money back guarantees. They will also want the billing process to be as simple as possible. (Don’t make people work to pay you) 

5 Don’t oversell

Once the customer or client has agreed to buy close the deal rapidly. If your are overenthusiastic about your product you could oversell it. Don’t keep talking as they are completing the billing requirements. A sale can be lost at the last minute if you interrupt the buying process.

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