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The Eco Gym

In an age when people are getting more concerned about the environment there is a great drive to reduce energy wastage. Houses have insulation to stop heat loss as industry is trying to make vehicles more efficient.

At the same time as an increased awareness of the damage that fossil fuels cause to the planet people are becoming more sedentary. They are not exercising enough which is leading to a plethora of disease and long term incapacity.

This is being addressed by many with weekly visits to Gyms which are springing up all over the place. The problem with all there exercise ,is that it is wasted as energy.

My suggestion is that when people exercise on any gym machine that should be turned into electricity which would help produce power for the common good. This could be used to power the gym itself or be attached to the national grid .

A critic might argue that the amount of electricity produced is tiny and would not be worth the gym converting it. I agree but it would attract many more members to that gym if they feel their efforts are making a contribution no matter how small. Small actions to help protect the planet will lead to much larger results through a slight change of consciousness within the population as a whole.

I believe it is a fabulous marketing tool for promoting Gym use as many who are environmentally aware , are also keep fit enthusiasts.

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