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There are people who have poor lifestyle habits yet are wealthy. The skills and knowledge they have, will override their lifestyle but these people are unusual. Struggling entrepreneurs, on the other hand will benefit financially by improving lifestyle.

The first lifestyle habit to consider is overeating. In the following articles I will look at some of the others.

1 Overeating

There are four reasons we overeat and none of them are to do with liking food.

a Anxiety. Our principle role in life is to survive. When we become anxious our brain goes into flight or fight mode thinking that survival is at risk and eating is fundamental to survival. Also you can’t concentrate on growing your wealth when you are unduly anxious. Learning relaxation techniques, slowing your breathing and chewing food more before swallowing will help reduce anxiety. Also avoid stimulants like coffee as this increases anxiety

b  Tiredness.  Overeating makes us tired as digestion uses  up a great deal of energy. We are also more likely to overeat when we are tired as our will power is depleted and we crave a quick fix of energy. Get more sleep, avoid eating two hours before bed, have plenty of breaks when working and try not to work too hard.

c  Boredom. Building a business might seem exciting and full of activity but we can become very bored even when busy. The drudge of repetitive tasks and periods of nothing happening will cause boredom and eating. The food gives us a focus of anticipation.  

The solution is to integrate other ( non eating ) pleasurable activities into our day to break up the work routine. It is more difficult to do this when in an office environment but is ideal when working from home. Reading, watching comedy, going for a walk, working on a hobby or (calling a friend for a few minutes ) every couple of hours helps.

d Loneliness.  Starting a business can be a very lonely enterprise. On line businesses are some of the worst for being on our own. To overcome the loneliness many people start surfing the net or having casual chats on social media. The problem is , it is taking time away from building the business so eating becomes the default activity when we have a break.  

The best thing is build actual meetings with friends into your business week. During these meetings try not to talk about business. Have a complete break be digital Either be working or relaxing but don’t work half heartedly all day long. If you can include some non business activity like sport or the arts so much the better.

Finally eating less is only half the battle. You need to eat the right foods to give you the best chance of success. Nuts and fish are very good for the brain as they contain Omega factors. Small meals on a more regular business help with energy and include plenty of protein. Vegetarians and vegans will tend to eat a wide range of vegetables to acquire the necessary Amino acids to build proteins.  Keep the carbohydrates and sugars down as they can make you feel tired.

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