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Money and the Big Bang.

How the Universe gives clues about money

The elements of universal wealth creation.

There seems to be some evidence that our consciousness can affect the physical Universe surrounding us. I don’t really understand this concept but I would like to suggest that there is a relationship between the four universal components and the acquisition of wealth.

Following the big bang there was an uneven distribution of matter in the early Universe. This accounts for the effects of gravity scooping up material into massive quantities such as stars and galaxies , whilst other parts of the cosmos are virtually empty space.

Apart from the belief in a Creator and consciousness there are four fundamental components that make our known Cosmos.  These are Space, Time , Matter and Energy  The mechanism by which our Universe works is based on the relationship between the four.

When thinking about wealth and money, it has been defined as an exchange of energy and this energy is universal energy. I will discuss this later but the first element I would like to cover is Space.

Space or Volume as we think of it on earth, is the product of the three dimensions of length, breath and height. We humans inhabit an individual part of space which changes as we move.  All matter will remain in space as without space matter could not exist. Our ability to attract money is directly associated with the space we inhabit. This can be seen as geographical. If you are in the wrong place money will distance itself from you.

If I live in the artic it is unlikely I will earn much money selling snow to the Eskimos and if I inhabit the Sahara desert I will have little luck selling Sand to the people of North Africa. Conversely I could make money providing snow to the dessert or even sand in the artic. 

picture of wormhole

When a consultant in any medical tradition requires  top dollar within the UK she will do well to rent a clinic in Harley street. People expect to pay more simply because of the address. An even more prominent example of this is the position of property. A house in the centre of Manhattan Tokyo or London will cost fifty or one hundred or one thousand times one in many a shanty town or deprived region. The property might be of similar quality but the position in space is different.  

Where you position yourself is more than just geographical It is also metaphorical. This element of space is to do with the direction from where you come. In business people are unlikely pay you for your service or product if they don’t trust you or are not familiar with who you are. If they do pay you they will pay less that someone who comes from a familiar direction. A very good example of this is the endorsement of celebrities. Business will pay a celebrity lots of money just to be associated with a particular product. The customer will either trust the celebrity or they will be familiar with her.  

In one of my blogs I gave an example of how I thought I could raise money for charity by running certificated first aid courses. The problem was that when raising money with charity events people want to have fun and as first aid is seen as serious no one was interested. I came from the wrong direction. Qualifications are also a trust factor as is experience within certain professions and industry. The simple fact that you have worked for a particular company or have had a senior executive position will launch you into a hefty salary in the next position.  

As a would be millionaire think carefully about where you are positioned in society geography and which people you associate with. These factors will do much to predict your eventual financial return.

The second component of the universe is time. This is as important as space when it comes to wealth creation. There are two factors to time in relation to wealth. The first is that time is limited for everyone. This is a good thing and it is the major reason that anyone bothers to achieve anything of note. If we had for ever to complete our goals we would never get started. The source of all motivation is an awareness of time and makes us get up in the morning.  

A word of warning here. once you start to take action you usually have more time than you think provided you start. It has been said I forget who said it that we overestimate how much we can achieve in a week but under estimate how much we can achieve in a lifetime. Taking action also helps us to become more efficient about our time and we use it more wisely.

The second element to time in relation to creating wealth is timing. Something that works well in one era will not work well in another. Why has there been so much technological advancement in the past 200 years. This era has produced more exponential growth than the previous one hundred thousand years. It is all to do with timing. When things are ready to happen they will. We cannot predict when something will work for us so we need to be patient. Making money is largely about finding an activity weather active or passive putting the wheels in motion on a daily basis and waiting for time to come up with the goods.

Many businesses fail because people lack the confidence to stick at something long enough for success to arrive. The answer to this is look for actions that have a value more than just the money. The modern way of describing this is do something you are passionate about. This simply means that you enjoy what you are doing for its own sake and you trust that what you enjoy will bring financial rewards in time. Time can be our best friend or our worst enemy so make friends with time and trust that all will come to you at the right time.

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