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Covid 19 has produced a great deal of stress and anxiety during the last year. It is important to understand the difference between Stress anxiety and worry. Stress is very much a physical thing the physical manifestation of anxiety. Anxiety itself is an emotional reaction to what is happening in your life. Worry the analytical component of stress and anxiety.

In general terms Stress is the product of the reptilian brain the brain stem the oldest part of the brain Anxiety is connected with the limbic brain a newer part of the brain common to higher lifeforms. Worry is predominately the result of the neocortex the analytical brain common to humans.

1 EXERCISE 30 Minutes of aerobic exercise a day. Make sure you have checked with your doctor that you are fit to exercise and build it up slowly.

2 SLEEP Most people need about 7 hours of sleep a day

3 A BALANCED DIET Make sure you include plenty of fruit and vegetables and avoid foods that are stimulants of food intollerences

4 GOING OUT Fresh air is a very good for a feeling of well being Try to get out every day.

5 BREATHING Practice deep breathing on a regular basis Try to exhale for longer than you inhale and breath slowly.

6 INTERESTS Find a hobby that you really enjoy and really throw yourself at it.

7 THERAPY If you anxiety is prolonged consider booking sessions with a qualified psychotherapist or counsellor

8 MEDICAL INTERVENTION If you anxiety is getting out of control visit your doctor and be willing to take prescribed medication for a period

9 CONTACTS Speak to someone every day If you can’t meet them in person call them on the phone.

10 COLD WATER If you can stand it have a cold shower or put uour face into a cold bowel of water for a few seconds

Peter Bull.

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