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Fundamentals of Wealth Creation

we looked at how energy can be applied to wealth creation through distinguishing between Potential and Kinetic energy and how they were both important to succeed.

We will now look as to how a completely new wealth apprentice can start to put their potential energy in alinement with the flow of money to direct it in their direction.

I use the word apprentice in a generic way to emphasise that wealth creation is a learned activity from which all can benefit. There is no such thing as a limited supply. If you believe that you have been brainwashed by already established institutions who would like you to stay in relative poverty. The manifestation of money is infinite and can be drawn through the correct thinking and educated activity.

The two aspects the trainee must develop are Reading and Networking. It does not matter what your route might be business, investments, skill base etc. you must get comfortable with these functions.  


When I say reading I also include watching relevant videos and audios on youtube ebooks and other elements of modern media. In essence ways of planting information in your brain. The material must include biographies of rich people, books about the mindset and psychology of wealth creation, books about investing, shares, precious metals, books about accounting, setting up in business and money management. Anything that is to do with money. Reading youtube etc. are inexpensive ways or capturing vital information. Try not to stick to one author as they will not have all the answers for you. Keep your interests broad but avoid reading too much other stuff not to do with money. Reading is there to prepare you to delegate.

Remember this phrase


You wont be able to do everything yourself but you must have a broad understanding of every area of your activities.


The second requirement for the wealth apprentice is to Network. When networking, it is not the number of people you know that matters it is the number of people who know you. Bill Gates knows only a few hundred people but most of the planet know him. More of this in a future post.

How does the networking process work.? Firstly go to as many meetup type networking meetings as possible. There are thousands advertised on the web, most are free. Have a card with your details on it. Even if you haven’t started a business pass a general card round and more importantly get theres.

Secondly follow up any contacts you made with other media and keep channels of communication open. Don’t be frightened to ask for help. Build relationships of depth as well as breadth. Whatever stage you are at networking will help you. Your network life should be enjoyable and fun and see it as organic rather than instant income. You are looking for four types of support during a network career, business contacts, mastermind groups, mentors and motivators. These will be covered in more detail in a future post.

If you have any comments ideas or suggestions please leave them below and help all of us get rich.

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