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Successful people think big from day one. As soon as they discover an interest and or an aptitude in any field of endeavour they scale their results in their imagination.

1 Strategy not tactics

Big thinkers develop a strategy for the future. They set up systems delegating all the tactical admin and mundane tasks to allow for the unfolding of the grand plan.

2 Motivation

Success inevitably takes time and to keep motivated you require a life changing reward for all your hard work. If you invest time , money and passion into a business you won’t keep motivated if you foresee below average earnings in five years time.

3 Creativity

When you think big you see a project from a multidimensional point of view, giving you creative options to realise your goals

4 Marketing

With big thinking comes a greater enthusiasm which transmits itself to your potential backers and customers. They will pick up this vibe which will generate a more positive response when you promote your concept or product.

5 Money.

People who think big will attract those around them organisations and individuals that have more disposable funds and general wealth which will scale your income much more quickly.

6 Buffet against fear of failure

Big thinkers like everyone else will have failures along the way. Small thinkers tend to give up following failure whereas the big thinker will fight on as they see each failure as a step to their next success. To big thinkers failure is just a result to learn from.

7 Excitement

Big thinkers see projects as exciting and making a difference. They see their ideas as fun and not hard work, so they always have a reason to get up in the morning.

8 Inspirational

Big thinkers inspire others to copy them which accelerates their support , contacts and status which helps build a lasting legacy and brand.

9 Business acumen

Big thinkers see their business as bigger than they are. Their idea takes on a life of its own and even when they fail their levels of success are greatly enhanced compared to small thinkers.

10 Longevity

Big thinkers are in it for the long term and will plan generations into the future allowing their projects to outlive them and even their grandchildren .

Many say thinking big is unrealistic but let me assure it is not. In fact I would go as far to say in the majority of cases you are more likely to succeed if you think big. I recommend an excellent book. The magic of thinking big by D. Schwartz


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