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Win hearts and minds with LET

Listen Encourage Talk

If you want to win people over try the following three techniques.

1 Listen

Constructive listening is a very valuable skill that once mastered will elevate you to charismatic status. When you concentrate hard on what people are saying do not feel the need to give advice unless it is sought. This gives them a safe space to express themselves which builds amassing relationships.

2 Encourage

The second technique that follows on directly from listening is to establish what drives and motivates an individual and then give them lots of encouragement . The encouragement can be in the form of praise for past successes or reinforcement for plans and goals in the future.

3 Talk

When you leave that persons presence start to speak about them to others in a positive way. Let other people know of their goals and achievements and when that bounces back to them it will reinforce their confidence even more.