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When it comes to using our surplus income we humans crave status. A sports car that does the same job as a cheap second hand four seater can cost us ten times the average annual income. What is it that makes so many work like stink just to afford the bobbles in life.

I am not in anyway criticising the desire to have nice things. In fact think it is great to enjoy the finer things of life. I am more interested in why we desire these things at all. If you take the status out of something how much is it actually worth.

This has fascinated me for years. The difference between the lifestyle of the rich and the comfortably off seems very great but in actual lifestyle it is not. Think about the life of someone who is a billionaire. What do they do all day. Many continue to run their businesses which they have built up from nothing because that is what they enjoy. They might relax on their private island but many of us can relax in our little garden or sit in a secluded park.

It is nice to own a Learjet but it only gets you from a to b as does a scheduled airline. The life of a billionaire is actually very similar to that of the middle class. The difference is mainly status and how this makes us feel. We crave to stand out from the crowd to be an expert, a personality or to be rich. Once we have this status its value diminishes so we look for more status. If we have 1000 followers on social media do we not want 10 000 and when we reach 10 000 how about 100 000 or a million.

The nature of human bieings is for continuous increase growth and scarcity. Our lives in all areas demand that we move upwards. A qualification fan will look consistently for further courses to increase their knowledge as will performer or sportsman hope to increase their audience or reduce their times . Once Everst has been climbed what do we climb next. How about five of the highest peaks on planet Earth.

Combine two different things swim the English Channel and climb Everest. A marathon is not enough to stand out so use it to raise money and help others . How about an ultra marathon. All these things are about status. Now you might think I am going to turn my nose up at status. In fact I am not I say, ” good on you if you want status.” A cure for a deadly disease can be the motivated by status.

Our drive to do anything is multifaceted . Altruism rarely exists in a vacuum . People want to make a difference. Leadership is about status. Whatever your motive if that motive drives you to improve life for your family and society and that motive does not harm others, go for it. If it gives you more status so much the better. Good luck


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