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Why do we waste money on rubbish.

A great mountaineer was once asked why he climbed Everest the Worlds highest mountain. He replied because it was there. The same is true when it comes to spending money. For many they remain in poverty not because they have so little but because they spend everything they have.

There are several reasons for this. Firstly some people are not comfortable with having money. They are comfortable with having things but not money. The strange thing is that money is only a means of buying things. Many people have been brought up to hate money because it is seen as somehow evil so the quicker they get rid of it the better.

You might question why they don’t give money to charity if they don’t want it. If you think money is evil you it will be evil in the charity’s hands as much as within yours. Money has no feelings it is inanimate and purely a means of exchange. If you hate money you are giving it a life and that life will ruin from you as quickly as possible.

Another reason people spend their money is summarised by the expression retail therapy. Somehow spending money gives them a kick as it has a sense of power. When you buy something you are interacting with a person and usually they are pleasant. Some individuals only get recognition from others when they purchase which is very addictive. The acquisition of an item gives short term pleasure whereas the money doesn’t.

I have noticed how people feed fruit machines over and over hardly even expecting to win the jackpot. They love getting rid of their money. In this case money is power and whilst you have some to gamble with, you feel powerful and in control. Like any addictive drug the power money gives you creates a short term high. Afterwards you come down into depression and will crave the next money fix.

What is it that makes some people rich. It is not the desire for the lifestyle that sustains wealth creation otherwise multimillionaires will retire. Instead they will often go on trying to make more and more.

The answer is the single biggest difference there is between wealth and poor. Rich people love the process of making money more than the use it has. They love investing counting and generating wealth through business. Money becomes more important than the things they can buy with it.

If you want to be rich remember this . “Like goes to like” money goes to money. Don’t dream about what you want until you have stopped desiring money. Focus on the money skills marketing, accountancy, investing, interest, borrowing, assets ,liabilities and so forth. Once you get your head round these topics the goodies will be yours.

Peter Bull

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