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Why do top footballers get paid so much?

The father of one of my teachers at school played professional football before the second World War. He was paid £ 5 for a game. Things have changed with the likes of Messi and Ronaldo earning millions a year. I decided to investigate the reasons top footballers earn so much and analysed my findings by a series of why’s

Why do they earn so much?

Because they are at the top of their profession

Why does this profession pay so much?

Because it attracts global media rights

Why does the media pay so much?

Because the game is very popular

Why is the game popular?

Because millions can identify with the players

Why do millions identify with the players?

Because millions have tried football themselves

Why do so many youngsters play football?

Because it is easy to get into and cheap ,being open to all communities no matter the background. It is a universal game popular throughout society.

Any small group of people can kick a ball around. They can play in the street or on a field. They don’t need 11 players, manufactured goal posts, a pitch or be members of a club. They don’t need to travel. All they need is a ball. and a place to play. This ease of getting into football creates tens of millions of football fans. When you add this interest to easy access to global media , the two together is what drives the professionals income into the stratosphere

So why do top footballers get paid so much. Because everyone can play at some level whilst viewing those that are better and dreaming of being a superstar themselves.


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