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Why do people purchase based on emotions

There are two main purchasing preferences occurring when individuals decide to part with their money. They are wants and needs. Needs are based on logic whereas wants are based on emotions. (What we feel) These can be subdivided into two further considerations solving problems and adding value. A want is either adding value to our lives and is a positive emotional want or it is solving problems which is the response to a negative emotion.

Negative emotions include fear and are the result of some pain and suffering which the canny vendor will reinforce prior to offering a solution to take the pain away. Many businesses justify this by convincing themselves that they are helping people which might be true but this help comes at a price. The stronger the emotion the higher the tariff.

When it comes to adding value the vendor is essentially offering pleasure. Humanity is wired into searching for pleasure with everything from vacations ,food alcohol and status amounts their peers like purchasing designer labels products. With all this in mind it becomes easier to identify our ideal customer when designing a business strategy and finding the perfect service or product to offer.

Peter Bull ( Author of the book Get In Touch With Your MAS Market)