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I would like to offer you an excellent method to losing weight by manipulating your brain in creative way. The principle is called the paradox of distain. People have used this method to deal with some discomfort or pain by introducing a second unpleasantness to counteract the first. Working out and getting physically shattered can help to overcome depression. A black humour will deal with the stress of highly traumatic professions and repetitive rituals will help deal with anxiety.

In this blog I want to demonstrate a boring activity that will override your desire to overeat as it is more difficult than resisting food. From today onwards write down everything you eat. The more detail you put into the process the better. Start to weigh your food and become obsessed on recording every thing that goes into your mouth. You do not need to try to eat less just record everything.

We overeaters will consistently delude ourselves about what, when, where and how to consume food which is why we lose the will to remain on a diet. We consistently convince ourselves that we haven’t consumed as many calories as we have.

The paradox in the brain, works as follows. We either lose weight and eat a healthy diet or we stop writing things down. The psyche cannot hold this contradiction in the head for a sustained period so if you continue to write down your consumption you will eat less and better by default. All your effort is in the writing down , not the trying to lose weight. This method works for many a would be slimmer

Peter Bull ( Author of the book Get In Touch With Your Slimmer Self available on Amazon )

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