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Using the dead time

One of the disadvantages of going to an office is that you have dead time whilst travelling. Working from home should be easier as you are in more control of your time. Most people who work from home actually waste more time than those who go to the office.

This strange phenomena that is probably the result of expanding your activity into the time you have available, suggests we suffer from a lack of boundaries. When we have a fixed time on the train we become very efficient and focused on that time that we don’t want to waste. Many people will achieve more on the journey than they will, when they eventually arrive at work.

Driving to work is not so efficient as going by train as the timing is much looser due to changing traffic conditions. We need to concentrate on our driving and shouldn’t be thinking about completing administrative tasks or studying audio when in the car. The bus falls somewhere in the middle.

If on the other hand if you work completely from home you need to set very definite times to start and stop. To move from an analogue way of thinking to a digital way requires you to take regular breaks but for very short amount of time. However when the time comes you must stop and return promptly. To just finish something off will cause you to fall back to analogue behaviour.

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