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How to start a relationship

Dating is fraught with doubt and anxiety. Do men know what women want and do women know what men want. This is the age old question defined in the book Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus. Who can advise you better other members of your sex or members of the opposite sex?

There are two aspects worth consideration on this topic . Firstly there are plenty of fish in the sea. If you fall for someone who doesn’t respond it wasn’t meant to be.Chasing a potential partner could change their mind as persistence is a rewardable characteristic but also could make someone irritated. There are many potential partners out there who satisfy both there needs and and yours at the same time. Try a range of dating methods. On line dating is popular these days but many still meet in the social situation like at college at work and in activity groups. The more you interact with people the higher your chances of success. Practice takes away much of the stress associated with dating.

The second aspect to consider is that of authenticity. Apart from the usual physical things like cleanliness , smart dress and being well presented , don’t try to put on an act. The act will soon be spotted and all your efforts are to no avail. There are those who will be attracted to you just as you are and they will make the best long term relationships.

Peter Bull ( Author of the Get In Touch Series )

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