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The Work Life Balance in a New Business

The work life balance is often a luxury for the affluent employed or for established profitable businesses . In reality when starting a new business you will need to put a phenomenal amount of money, time and effort to get it off the ground.

It is very important therefore to enjoy most of your daily business practice which will sustain your motivation during the hard times. Building up a new business can be very stressful and success if more likely if loved ones are on board from the start. To this end your life partner should be consulted at all stages of the process so they can understand the demands throughout.

When preparing your business plan build time in each week for family and friends and always stick to this timetable. There is and efficient time expenditure for the business and over exertion becomes counterproductive.

Some decide to invert vast amounts of time at the start for say eighteen months then reduce their hours to allow for non business activities. Make you play time active, planning to do fun things when working . Don’t just sit around or spend all your spare time doing household chores. A life of drudgery is not sustainable and your business will suffer.

To be at peak condition to ensure you have maximum energy for the business follow the SEN Protocol SEN stands for Sleep Exercise and Nutrition. This is especially important with sedentary and online businesses. Finally if you have an entrepreneurial spirit never give up your goal to have a successful business. If something (after a good try )just isn’t working try another service or product to sell. It is your business acumen that will make you successful far beyond what you are trying to sell.

Peter Bull MBE (Author (Get In Touch With Your Start Up Building Business currently on Amazon )

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