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You are most likely to be noticed in business if you stand out from the crowd. However if you stand out too much everyone will ignore you. You will be seen as radicle , weird of crazy. On the other hand , much business generates from aligning yourself with others in the same industry.

This is often geographical. Shops will congregate in areas which paradoxically creates more competition. In London, Saville Row will attract tailors , Hatton Garden will attract jewellers, Soho Chinese restaurants and Harley Street Medical Doctors.

In the world of computers, on line businesses congregate where the public are searching. Alternatively the disrupter set off on their own to find a fresh market. Her chance of success is much lower but if successful the rewards are much higher. Finding a Niche is the currency of the modern entrepreneur but if the niche is too avant guard no one will be interested .

The sweet spot in finding a niche is in services or products where people are already familiar. A way of ” teaching old dogs new tricks “. Most businesses fail because they don’t get the balance between the two. This is often the problem of timing. A great idea will work when the time is right and genius innovators often lose out due to being to early to the market. At the other end people jump on the band wagon too late and are swamped by the competition.

If you are new to a business, industry or commercial enterprise, do research. Is your business already popular and if it is how can you trade in a new way to hack the competition.

Peter Bull ( Author of the book Get In Touch With Your MAS Market )