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Are you feeling stuck at the moment? Are you set on a path where the end seems so far away or are your goals overwhelming you? These are all common feelings when you are attempting any project that is worthwhile.

When we embark on any activity we are full of enthusiasm. As time goes on however things can start to get on top of us . We cannot find the solution to problems and we feel frustrated with the enormity of the task and are at risk of giving up. All the conventional wisdom tells us that, we must grit our teeth and work like stink, eventually we will see light at the end of the tunnel.

I am going to suggest a different idea. When travelling between two towns you can go in a straight line. The problem is that going straight involves crossing mountains, rivers, ,motorways and trespassing on private land. If you know the correct route a few diversions will get to your destination much easier. In life however you don’t always have a route map to find the way round.

This is where it is useful to decide to do things differently. The more you challenge you’re thinking the quicker a solution will show itself. Try writing with your non dominant hand for ten minutes a day. Try a completely new activity. You don’t need to be passionate about it. Just try something completely different. Learn a new skill, visit a new place, make a new friend. Just be different in some way from anything you have done or been before.

By doing something totally different, it can completely reframe our whole thinking. It also opens up solutions to problems and gives us an alternative way of approaching problems. In essence if you want to be different, be different. It is a decision that you make and great opportunities can follow on from it.

When you return to the metaphorical road you have purchased the roadmap and things can start to fit into place helping your reach your destination.

Peter Bull

Published inIdeas Worth Consideration.