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Reviewing the book ‘The Science Of Getting Rich’


This book was written about 100 years ago but the concepts inside it are as relevant today as they have always been. It is different from all other books on this topic as it brings wealth manifestation into the realm of everyone.

What is it about this book that is so amazing. Firstly it is short less than 100 pages and can be easily read in one day. It doesn’t use anecdotes and stories that most other self help books resort to in order to pad out their ideas.  I know people like reading about others that have become rich but as they all say different things they can cause confusion.

He starts by stating that there is nothing wrong with wanting to be rich, in fact it is the best way you can help your fellow man is to make the most of yourself. Furthermore he talks about doing things in a certain way. This can be interpreted in two ways, both are relevant. The word certain means definite and also particular. Wattles uses this phrase to reinforce that to get rich is a science and formulaic. It does not matter what profession, trade ,career, background, education or experience, if you do things in a certain way you will become rich.

Wattles devotes a whole chapter to the topic of Gratitude which he insists is essential to the growth of wealth as when true gratitude is applied this forms a vacuum in the universe which will be filled with more of what you are grateful for. He also speaks about formless substance that can be manifested to physical form through thinking. 

 He states there is a thinking stuff from which all things are made which in its original state permeates, penetrates and fills the interspaces of the Universe.  Wattles believes that getting rich will be achieved by a creative and not a competitive approach. You don’t need to deny others wealth to achieve it yourself. He instructs the readers to have  total faith and to form a clear vision of their desires whilst holding on to gratitude throughout. He believes that if you follow the ideas mentioned you will impress your ideas upon formless substance which will surely make you rich.  

Wattles does not regard getting rich as purely a cerebral activity. You need to take action and that action must be efficient. In order to become rich he says that the action you take should start from where you are, doing all that can today and giving more is use value than the cash value you receive. This wealth will come to you through the transactions of people within the social order of business and commerce.

This book spurned the creation of the best selling book The Secret and the multimillion dollar industry spinoff. Many famous successful entrepreneurs have learned or subconsciously used the information contained in this book to become financially independent and grow imaginable wealth. Get this book, read it, apply it, and become rich.


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