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Gratitude has two aspects to complete wealth generation. The first is that we must be sincerely grateful for what we already have and second we must express that gratitude by using a portion of our wealth, talent, time and love to give back to others less fortunate than ourselves  

The gift of giving back is not only highly satisfying but it compounds and leverages our wealth generation capacity.

Money is like a flowing river the more you stir up the water the faster it flows and if you put yourself in that river (business opportunities) the more that will flow past you which you capture ( billing the client)

All successful entrepreneurs will give money and their time to charity. Oddly  enough giving time is more valuable than money as it is irreplaceable but for maximum manifestation it is crucial that you do both.

Religions have preached this for generations. Christian and Jewish teaching recommend one tenth of your income known as tithing. There are certain rules to how this should proceed.

1. The amount you give is not that important. What is important is that you automate it through standing order like a gym membership. You need to forget it is going out.

2. You choose a cause that you are passionate about so you can see that it is going where your money is going and the benefit to the recipient. 

Good charities for entrepreneurs are these micro economics ones that lend money for small projects in the developing world which they are committed to pay back interest free. You then have money to lend to another project. The same pit of money could help several business causes over time.

3. You don’t tell anyone part from those who need to know (ie the inland revenue and the charity admin) what you are doing.

4. Give any tax relief to the charity or gift aid it to leverage the amount.

If you find this hard it suggests you have a scarcity mentality so start small maybe one percent of you income that would be £10 on £1000 earned. As your wealth grows you can increase bit by bit.

Finally try not to associate the giving with making more yourself just give freely with mind of abundance to all and you will be amazed by how quickly things seem to happen.

If you cant find a worthwhile cause at the moment open a separate account and put that money away committing yourself not to touch it as it is earmarked for charity as soon as a worthwhile cause comes into your sights.

If part of your long term goal is to do good with your wealth you should start now by following the suggestions above and you will reap massive rewards in quite a short time.

I would be interested in your opinions so please let me know using the details below. Share how this one technique has made a difference to your prosperity.

Peter Bull  

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