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We all like to have options in life. It is what makes our lives more interesting. People will like to chose between different products and services. In shop sales you never ask a customer “Can I help you” rather give them an option. For example if a customer is looking for a shirt you tell them you have it in several colours.

When providing a service wherever possible give the client options. We have the basic levels, the intermediate and the bespoke. Customers are more likely to purchase your services knowing there is a range. Some will go for the middle one whereas others will go for the bespoke as they feel they will be getting a higher grade than if there was only one level available. In the computer industry the basic level if often free giving the customer the option to upgrade for a more valued service

Imagine you are running a market stall. You would struggle if you only have one thing on your stall to sell. There are traders however who sell one thing like a glass cutters but they use patter and a selection of optional uses of the tool to ply their trade.

Becoming established in business is a matter of time. With internet marketing people will often buy when they see a product across different media. They will also buy when a product is promoted in different ways on the same site. Money is to do with flow and you must continually flow with it. Options and change are the secret. To stimulate the brain for attraction people need to see patterns through comparing one thing with another.

Research has shown when dating that people become more attractive if they are surrounded by other eligible dates. The choice is stimulating. Many totalitarian regimes over history offered no choice to their people and that as much as anything else was their eventual downfall.

Philosophers argue if we have choice at all as so much of our lives are controlled by outside forces. This makes the choices we make even more attractive as it gives us a sense of control.


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