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As we slowly adapt to the global pandemic peoples thoughts return to backing their favourite cause through charity fundraising. I recently posted a blog giving a list of common fundraising ideas you might find stimulating for raising funds as we go int 2022 and beyond.

I would like to complete this theme with a few ideas I have discovered through over 25 years of fundraising. There are essentially four reasons that people will donate money. They are compassion, profile, gain and entertainment.

The first and probably the most common is compassion. People are moved to donate money through a generous and compassionate heart. To develop a sense of compassion empathy is usually required. Empathy is the ability to put ourselves in the shoes of those that are suffering. It is very difficult but not impossible to be compassionate without empathy. In some ways compassion without empathy is the greatest act of altruism as emotions are not the primary source of giving. When promoting your cause you need to appeal the compassionate nature within people to stimulate their giving.

Secondly , there is profile. Any cause that has a high enough profile will attract funds. Televised charity events usually draw in millions and if your cause is allied to a high profile event you will attract donations from your acquaintances and the public alike

The third reason that people give is for financial gain. Charitable lotteries will draw in loads of cash almost regardless of the cause. People love to have the chance of becoming extremely rich overnight and if their lottery ticket helps the lessforqtunate so much the better. My understanding of lotteries are that size of the prize to the major factor in participation not the odds of winning.

Finally fundraising is about fun and entertainment. People want to have pleasure whilst raising money for the needy. When putting on an event try to make it as fun as possible. People enjoy food, entertainment, animals ,humour ,drink ,team activities, sports competition and socialising Can you fit any of these into your charity activity.

Good luck with the fundraising.


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