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Reinventing yourself at 6 AM every day

It has been said that the only constant in life is change. This is reinforced by both religious and scientific theory that everything naturally decays into chaos. Order for us comes from effort. I always think of the garden example. A garden that is not tended to, goes wild and chaotic. Of course it is argued that systems do have order within the chaos. Atoms combine to form elements mixtures and compounds. We spend an enormous amount of our lives tidying and putting things in order.

The second point referring to humanity is that change is accelerating. Within an ordered society we cannot rely on previous generations to show us the way. There experience on ethics and lifestyle can help driving an ordered society but technology is going faster than than they can cope with. In a sense each generation is having to figure things out again and again.

In the world of business it is no different. A business that was thriving just a few years ago has become completely obsolete as technology replaces their products and services. There is little that persists and the generations to come will need to embrace this. You might have had a good day trading, manufacturing or serving yesterday but today everything might change. We cannot sit on our laurels. Each morning needs to be a metamorphosis. A revelation and an adjustment of what we are doing and asking is it still relevant. By asking ourselves these questions each morning we will keep sharp throughout the day. Change can be very subtle and is upon us without us realising it. However it is only through the awareness of change can we hope to keep ahead of the game.

Peter Bull ( Author of the Get In Touch Series)

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