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There are two methods by which you can safely lose weight through incremental changes. The only requirement for long term success is to be patient.

The first method is to reduce your intake incrementally over a period allowing the brain to think you are not eating any less. Starting tomorrow I recommend you focus on reducing carbohydrates, sugars and fats by reducing them by a tiny amount. The way to do this is to record how much you eat that sources from processed food ready meals and any extra snacks or intermeal nibbles.

The following day you eat just a little bit less of these foods, say one mouthful. To avoid hunger you increase a non fattening substitute by the same amount. One less cube of chocolate replaced by one extra bit of celery. That is all you have to do. Make sure you have carefully recorded the fattening foods you have eaten each day and be very precise. Note you do not need to record the healthy foods.

The next day you reduce it by a little bit more and so on constantly replacing with a non fattening substitute of the same quantity. Over just one month you could well have dropped over 1000 calories and watch your weight reduce. Weigh yourself once a week under the exact same conditions. The same time with the same clothes on.

The second method of incremental weight loss is to delay the time when you eat your first bit of carbohydrate by one minute a day. Each day extend your diet by a further minute. To avoid hunger you can eat non fattening foods any time to replace the foods you are avoiding. The smaller you make the increment the more long term effect it will have. You don’t need to worry about never eating these foods again as you can always return to eating these foods when you have an ideal weight. If you start to put it on again just start incremental dieting as before.

If you want further help in setting up this programme please email me and I will advise you further.

Peter Bull ( Get in touch series )

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