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Each new year, brings in new resolutions to lose weight for so many within the population. There are several factors to consider. This blog will look at some of the factors.

We are being over bombarded with information , science and data. There are many different diet plans including fasting, restricting certain food stuffs and the like. No wonder people are getting fatter they don’t know what to do. Th.e truth is that a one size fits all programme will not work for all the different metabolisms of humanity.

Today we need to tailor an eating scheme to an individual through professional nutritional advice taking account of any allergies some will have to certain foods. In my experience the two biggest demotivating factors in this decade is there are too many programmes and that they are over generalised.

In my opinion one possible solution might be for those who have no allergies is to eat very small quantities of as many foods as possible This should be following an allergy test and be essentially single ingredients foods. The problem is that getting fifteen or twenty different single ingredient foods a day is hard work and we cannot be bothered to put in the time.

Fit individuals who do everything right are usually employed in the health ,fitness and well being industry and therefore have the time and the pay to focus on these factors. People who keep their weight down and get fit are interested in nutrition and exercise for its own sake and are happy to continuously study the latest research.

The vast majority of the public are desperate to cope with family, work, finance and mental health issues to focus on food technology. People enjoy eating for social reasons and changes in diet are extremely difficult to achieve once the pathways of craving are lodged in their brain.

I have mentioned previously that craving is brought about by a physical dependency on food whereas a habit is brought about by an emotional dependency. We can do little to get rid of a craving except by changing our habits. Habit change is closely connected to our mental health as delayed gratification only works when we feel good about ourselves. Our self belief and self worth are reflected in our behaviour and this is especially true with food.

Finally we need to work on our mental well being and I recommend we all get professional nutritional advice if possible and then experiment with different programmes that keep us well nourished whilst simultaneously reducing extra weight.

Peter Bull ( Author of the book Get InTouch With your Slimmer Self buy now on Amazon)

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