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Expand your brain with some Quiz Questions

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  1. Who lived at number 1 London

a Dick Whittington b The Governor of the Tower of London c The Archbishop of Canterbury d The Governor of the Bank of England e The Duke of Wellington.

2 Which Blood Group is the universal donor

a A+ b AB+ c A- d B+ e O-

3 What was invented by Pedro Flores

a The compact disk b The MRI Scanner c Electric kettle d The yoyo e The fruit machine

4 What is the currency of Mongolia

a Manat b Taka c Togrog d Lari e Pataca

5 How many senators in the US Senate

a 50 b 75 c 100 d 80 e120

6 What is the atomic number of Tin

a 35 b 44 c 50 d61 e28

7 What was Winston Churchills younger brothers first name

a Jim bJack c Rob d Dick eBob

8 Which actors real name was Marian Morrison

aMichael Caine bGreta Garbo c John Wayne d Cary Grant e Doris day

9 Goulash originates from

aRussia bPoland cCzech Republic d Turkey eHungary

10 Which Italian Football club has won the most championships

aAC Milan bAS Roma c Juventus dSSC Napoli eBologna FC


1=e 2=e 3=d 4=c 5=c 6=c 7=b 8=c 9=e 10=c

Taken from the book Get Intouch With Your Inner Quizmaster by Peter Bull

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