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12 Archetypes of action takers

Before I launch into the twelve archetypes of action takers, I would like to suggest that none of these types are bad or at fault and within the commercial world they all have their place and benefits.

1 The procrastinator Type.

These types put things off till the last minute where a deadline is imminent . When they finally take action it is because they fear the consequences of not doing so. However they usually have the ability to perform well within the restraints of the time available.

2 The anxious type

Anxiety disables people due to fear. They want to take action but are afraid of the consequences. Once they have dealt with the cause of their anxiety they take action very quickly to good affect. They wonder why they didn’t act sooner.

3 The spontaneous type

These people take action immediately without thinking it through. They sometimes regret their impetuosity but will succeed sometimes as they act regularly. Their success is based on the quantity of times they act .

4 The refiner type

These people take action quickly but know they will have to refine their actions depending on the results. Their philosophy is ” work in progress ” Most business owners and entrepreneurs grow this way.

5 The bight size types

They take action but only in small amounts as they find the enormity of the task and potential results overwhelm them All projects have to be broken down to small bight sized chunks. They end up learning more than all the other 12 types.

6 The approval type

These people crave approval with each action they take. If they get praise they will act more. if criticism or feel they feel ignored they will stop acting and search a different project where they will be praised. These actors keep the majority people happy by their actions .

7 The perfectionist type

Perfectionists will not act until all the conditions are perfect and they feel they can provide a perfect outcome. They are not procrastinators as their actions will be constant but will not act towards the big project until everything is just so. When they finally do act they are lauded as genius and there efforts are widely accepted.

8 The success types

These types are purely results driven. They take action based on perceived or previous result and will switch as soon as the results fail to satisfy. These types make good scientists and researchers and have a flair for business.

9 The justifier type

Justifiers will act despite the results. In fact if their actions prove fruitless, they will feel vindicated. They need to prove something doesn’t work. They were against something and now have a justification in proving it. They provide education for all as they show the areas where things won’t work freeing others to take a more effective approach.

10 The seasonal type

These people will act in a cyclic way. Sometimes they are very active and at others they don’t want to act at all. There psyche and mood affects their actions patterns. When in the mood they can be brilliant. When not they have learned to do nothing as all their efforts are to no avail.

11 The hero type.

These people only take action when there is imminent danger where physical survival is at risk. They perform well in wartime, following natural disasters and where life is at risk. Their action cannot be replicated in everyday life and rarely do well at business. However they are great to have around when in a serous crises.

12 The pleasure seeking type

They wii act purely to enhance their pleasure. These otherwise passive individuals will go out of their way to chat up a sexual prospect or will walk a distance to purchase a bar of chocolate These are good in business if they can keep the rewards of wealth as the goal ,work and effort. If they cannot see a pleasure at the end of the road they will not act. “Job and knock” is a perfect example ” Get the job finished and you can go early”. fits this archetype .

Peter Bull ( Author of the Get InTouch Series )

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