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A Take On Global Warming The Three Theories

As a lifelong student of human nature I would like to suggest a few ideas about understanding and solving the global warming issue. There are 3 not 2 theories about climate change that permeate the discussion at present.

The First Theory states that Climate Change occurs on its own and is not influenced by pollution derived from human industrialisation

The Second Theory states that Climate Change is caused by the warming affects of Carbon dioxide and pollutants such as Nitrogen Dioxide. This is directly related to mankind emissions from an industrial and post industrial age. This suggests that we can do something about it.

The Third Theory states that we are the major cause of global warming but we cant do anything about it. This idea suggests that mankind is part of nature and and nature itself has given man the tools to destroy the planet. In other words when a species gets to a certain point of development it will damage its environment destroy itself and in time the planet will return to its steady state.

Most people favour the second theory eluding to a damaged planet but our drive for survival will bring us back from the brink. I believe that actually a hybrid of the three is probably the closest to reality.

The climate does change over millennium but we haven’t been around long enough to see this as a pattern. However we are responsible for an acceleration due to the damage done over the past fifty years and therefore are responsible to future generations to sort it out.

In the next blog I will identify some of the causes of destructive pollution and some ways we might avoid further damage. If planet Earth is given a chance it will repair itself and our future looks good.

I hope you enjoyed this introduction and I look forward to continue the story in the next article.


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